Taking up the trade of singing at the age of 9 and gaining experience from the time she spent in the modeling scene in New York,  Amarachi is a multi­talented individual that loves the stage and the studio more than anything. The wonderful cuisines that Vietnam has to offer have always been a favorite for Amarachi: Flavors such as long coriander and Thai basil leaves appeal to the senses like none other, and that is part of the reason why it is one of her favorite flavors. Compared to many greats such as Amy Winehouse, Amarachi is prone to the appeals of many a top­hit chick flick, and has always loved locations like the ocean and the beach to showcase her flavor.

Hailing from Nigeria, Amarachi has long known the meaning of a soulfully­written song, and loves the spotlight where she can let her true talents shine. She has long known the powerful resonance that she can deliver through song, and is anxious to continue with that gift. Longing to share with the world the light she has gained while on her journey, Amarachi is now releasing new material, ready to perform live, and possesses the wisdom of a highly­cultured exploration. Her rich personality and many varied influences define who she is on a finished CD mix and on the stage, and you can look for Amarachi during the near future to be making waves with her music and her dynamic persona. Always finding the silver lining within any situation, she favors positive vibes over the negative reach at all times.

About the new song, “Single Breath”.

Amarachi’s new cut entitled “Single Breath” is a testament of personal experience that many will be able to relate to, and an ode to what great lengths we all take to sometimes believe in when it comes to God’s will. In our current environment, Earthly state, and situations during which we are put under extreme duress, there is really no individual out there that wants to have to endure pain day in and day out. 

Even though scores of individuals have been put to the test for centuries with what they feel they can endure, many these days feel as if they are bearing the brunt of ailments that seem too much to handle. Many don’t realize how important it is to know that God has a plan for you, and will not forsake you even you feel that you are at your darkest hour. Calling upon a spiritual higher power to rescue you from your depths of physical pain is a choice that one usually comes to after many moments of reflection about their state, and Amarachi was inspired to remind many that even what truly seems like “The Impossible” can be accomplished within just one single breath. God can be your source of strong positivity and other great emotions that you draw from in life, when your adversary may be planning to tempt you, taunt you, or even make you feel as if you don’t have much hope in life. Sharing her source of light with others is what is going to fuel Amarachi’s fanbase for the summer, and showcase her own personal testimony for the Lord that governs her daily. 

A review from Denver, CO came in on this single that hailed it as “The type of top-notch production that could be compared to what you would find on a soundtrack of a ‘Dreamworks’ caliber: radiant, well-layered, and gradually easing the listener into a state where they are empowered and have on their armor to the max”. The same critic said that it spoke volumes to him as he envisioned the journey of Simba in the blockbuster masterpiece “The Lion King”, having to spend time in the wilderness away from his loved ones while on a quest for “healing word” of his own. Coming just during the appropriate time when the world seems to be overloaded with pain and fear, many will value this release as their own personal call to heed God’s will and humble wishes. 

“Single Breath”